Let The Right One In

I didn’t know it was about vampires, or I might not have went. Vampires and supernatural type things are so very far from being my bag. Gore I can handle, but anything that involves ghosts, spooks and other intangibly creepy beings are just not for me. My brain can’t turn off and also can’t help […]

Saying Goodbye

Don’t worry, it’s not another post about my future funeral. But I did say goodbye to an old friend the other day. I finally sold my first car, Jesus. I even left Jesus in there, he sat above the ignition in medallion form. I’m on my own in my new wheels. Without wishing to sound […]

Past Life: Girl Guide

I was a girl guide when I was younger. I started off in the Brownies, old-skool with the brown tunic and the bobble hat and our meetings were in the TV room of my primary school. I don’t remember a great deal about Brownies, but I do remember moving on to the Guides when I […]

Link Love

Phew, that was an epic last post, eh? Here’s some links to stuff that I’ve enjoyed reading, to take your mind off it. Kim’s posts on running an indie business are proving to not only be bang on the money, but popular with other people looking for guidance and support. Her Working For Yourself series […]


Well, I wrote my Evaluation post in April last year – I really didn’t think it was that long ago! So how have I done? So much has changed since then. The most obvious changes are that I have moved out of the city to the countryside outside a small town in the sticks. I […]


I do like Day In The Life. I like to read about the minutiae of people’s lives and compare them to my own.  I think this time, I would most like to be Alice. It’s always nice to see new people taking part and old faces who haven’t done it in a while picking it back […]

On Tins

I think I mentioned recently that I collect tins, mostly vintage, but some modern ones. I am not sure if anyone knows that, really. It was certainly news to Lee, who thought I just liked putting things in boxes! Here’s a few of my recent acquisitions. The top one is French, I think and has […]