A few weeks ago, I spent a delightful 48 hours in Copenhagen with my BFF, Jo.We’d both really wanted to visit for some time, and we finally made it.


Our Air B&B was simply perfection – great location, and in the oldest building in the city! Highly recommended if you’re visiting.

It is such a beautiful place to explore and there’s a lot to see – we crammed in food  halls, flower markets, a pilgrimage to Hay, exquisite pottery shopping and a lunch time feast at Paper Island, a permanent street food market.

Other highlights including hiring our own boat to explore the canals for an evening, which was SUPER fun. You just turn up, bring a picnic, and off you go! Turns out my sense of direction on water is not as great as it is on dry land, so Jo did most of the driving whilst I posed in my blanket/cape.

Another top notch spot was the open air harbour swimming pool! You can have a dip in the icy river in the specially designated pools absolutely free of charge. There are lifeguards, diving boards but no changing rooms, so bring a large towel to change behind. I was so proud of myself for getting in and letting go of the side and swimming!


Overall, 10/10. Would recommend.


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