Day In The Life – May 2016 Edition


Monday 30th May (ie tomorrow) is the next Day In The Life day. Hooray! Marceline chose it and as she is currently gadding about Japan like she doesn’t have a care in the world after where her next fix of kawaii plush is coming from, it should be interesting to see her snaps of what she’s getting up to out there.

What’s Day In The Life, you ask? Well, basically, we’ve been doing this for years now – basically just documenting one random day in our lives. I love to read about the different things people get up to, however mundane, and it’s a wee interesting insight into the lives of others.

We tend to do it on Instagram these days, but past DITLs include graphs, videos and diary entries. It’s fun, so why not join in this time around?

You can follow the action on the #IGDayInTheLife hashtag – be sure to add that to your posts to join in!

Follow me on Instagram @tinyotterpaws and Marceline @marcelinesmith.


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