A New Dawn


A huddled heap of damp misery – that’s basically been business me until I reached my decision about closing The Bellwether. It was also poor Max last week at the dog launderette. Cute but fearful.And now, yay, joyful (and in the case of Max, not stinking like a stagnant pond).

I feel 1000% better about everything since unveiling my radical business closure plans. I’m feeling good about having time to do something else (after I finish the cushion I’m making for my cousin).


I’m also most amused by lots of people saying “Oh, I’m so gutted that you’re closing,” and so far restraining myself from replying “If you were that gutted, you’d have been buying stuff from me and we wouldn’t even be having this fucking conversation, pal”. When it comes to micro-businesses, like mine, the key for customers is very much use it or lose it. Even if that use is only sharing with friends, retweeting a link, etc – every little bit helps. So don’t bleat to me now that you’re sad when you haven’t shown any interest in it for the last 12 years, mofo. Make sure you cherish and support those businesses that you love. If my experience has taught me anything, it’s that even myself as a massive cheerleader for indie businesses needs to work much harder at that.

That was liberating to say out loud. So, tomorrow is the first day of the closing down festivities right here on the blog, so you’ll want to tune back in if you like free stuff. And if you’re an instagram user, you’ll want to make sure you are following me @tinyotterpaws. That’s all the clue you’re getting for now!


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