NYC 16 – Katz’s Deli

Warning – contains gratuitous meat-based food porn.

Have you ever seen When Harry Met Sally? Needless to say, to those who know me personally, I haven’t (I haven’t seen many classic movies at all). But I am familiar with the scene in which Sally has a really good sandwich.


I’m fairly sure that’s what she was shouting about, anyway. One of the things on my small list of must-dos this time around was to have a really good sandwich, so we moseyed down to Katz’s Deli for brunch whilst on our way to the Tenement Museum (which is really ace, you should go).

Oh my. That pastrami. To die for. The matzoh ball soup, I was less keen on. I’d always wanted to try it and can safely say that’s done and I don’t have to do it again now. Super-pricey for a sandwich, but I’d say, as someone prepared to pay for good eats, that it was worth it. I need to sign off now, I’m drooling on my keyboard.


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