Furnished Part Deux

Thanks for all the emails, texts, messages and comments about my furniture! I’m pleased to say I’ve found homes for everything now. I’ve got a few more things I’ve unearthed though, so same drill – if you like the look of anything here, drop me an email to mrspiquante@gmail.com and make me an offer. I’m keen to clear the space, so no reasonable offer will go unconsidered!

Retro Glass Jugs


I bought these from a charity shop years ago, and have used them as vases – I’d be happy with someone just collecting these, to be honest, so if you’re nearby and can pick ’em up, let me know!

Nest Of G-Plan Tables

IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3181

These have seen better days, but a bit of TLC would bring them back to life. Got these on eBay a few years ago, but they don’t really go with the new house style, so another casualty! They’re authentic G-Plan, and the main table is about a metre wide, with the two smaller ones tucking underneath – ideal for the weekend takeway in front of the telly, um, or so I’m told!

Fire Screen


I bought this eons ago fully intending to replace the tapestry in it with something cooler, but I then started using it as a fire screen and it grew on me. Now I don’t have a fire though, it’s a little superfluous!

I am sure I’ll unearth more stuff, but for now, if anything appeals, let me know!


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