Bacon By Post

I know that sounds like a made-up fancy notion, but it’s actually a real thing and I can confirm to you that it is ACE.


Just before Christmas, I saw a random tweet in my timeline talking about Cure & Simple. They were offering a monthly bacon-by-post subscription service for £5 and I was intrigued. I clicked through and quickly signed up for a monthly plan for Lee as a Christmag gift and one for my friend Ryan, too.


It arrives in a letterbox-friendly package every month and is absolutely delicious! You can either choose to have one type sent each time, or sign up for the variety plan, where they send you a different cure each time in rotation – so far, we’ve had pancetta and bourbon as well as the original.

You can even opt to have your bacon delivered in a dog-proofed packet if you’re worried your four-legged friend might get to the post before you do – genius!

It’s super-simple to set up and there is no minimum contract or anything, so you can start and stop it when you like. And if you’re a true afficianado, then you can even have it delivered weekly – perfect for a weekend treat.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just pretty impressed with the great service and the quality of the product -delicious! I do have a referral code though if you fancy using it which will net me a free pack of bacon, so, y’know, feel free to use it here– nm2gn3.


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