On London

By rights, I should love London. I love reading about historic London, about the Victorians and the street urchins and the crazy stuff they got up to. I’m obsessed with the Tudors and so much of their story plays out around London. I should go nuts for a trip to London, really.

But why is everyone in such a hurry all the time? Why does it smell bad? There are so many miserable people galloping around and pushing everyone out the way and not smiling. It makes me quite irritated as the week progresses and I find myself becoming more like them – head down, no eye contact, elbows out, just to make it onto a Tube train 3 seconds before everyone else.

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I had a lovely time though catching up with two of the ladies what used to work with me – I really miss their chat, so it was great to have a right old chinwag over some lovely wine in a very nice pub which inexplicably does amazing Thai food, too. If you’re ever down old Chiswick way, check out The Old Pack Horse. It was very cosy and atmospheric for a rainy winter evening.


On Tuesday, I shrugged off a mild hangover to attend Top Drawer at Olympia – the last time I’d been there was for the Horse Of The Year Show when I was about 12. It had a lot less horse and a lot more awesome stuff. Jolly Awesome in fact – they were my highlight. Pleased to say that we chose a great selection of cards from them for Penny Black – yay!


A rock and roll night ensued in ye olde Premier Inn as I was too tired to do anything else. Still sewing in hotel rooms, even after retirement.


I had a lot of work stuff to do for the remainder of the week – both at work and in the pub – team drinks, leaving do… it’s tough, sometimes, working in television. I came back on Friday, making time to grab an awesome burrito at Kings X.


God, that was good. I was looking forwards to getting home and washing the London gunk out of my hair – I don’t know how Londoners manage with the hard water. It just sticks to my hair like gum and makes it feel like a helmet. Someone suggested washing it twice, which helped, but I was itching all the way on the train to get in the shower! So, it was mildly vexing to realise en route that we had too much snow for me to make it home and that I’d have to stay in Glasgow overnight. But that did at least mean I got to stay at my favourite hotel in the city…


..which just so happens to have an awesome shower. Hurrah! It was still snowing on Saturday when I woke up.


I finally got home on Saturday at lunchtime, just in time to get my car and go back to work. Bah. I hope I don’t have to go back to London for a while. I can’t face it again in a hurry. But it did turn up one very chucklesome moment, when I saw this pass me…


Oh, London – just when I think I’m out of the game, the game drags me back in. Keep up the good work, London, sir.


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