You Know It’s Christmas When…


  • You have a customer who bought something last night and emailed this morning to ask why it hasn’t arrived yet.
  • You’re at a craft fair opposite a stall full of shit upcycled Santas made out of toilet rolls and leather offcuts and they’re selling tons and no one is buying your lovingly handcrafted design-led wares.
  • Your customer wants to return the acrylic flower necklace, described on your website as being made from plastic, because the flower isn’t real.
  • You have no clean clothes left, the only thing in your fridge is a mouldy wedge of cheese and you can’t remember the last time you spoke to a human that wasn’t employed in logistics.
  • You have 18 old ladies glaring at you in the post office queue because you’re holding them up from collecting their pension with your massive bag of orders
  • You get 37 unsolicited emails about craft fairs in your area panic-selling stalls as they’re under-subscribed and under-prepared – AVOID.
  • You’re averaging 4 hours sleep a night and are making things in your sleep.
  • A group of 3 people with a pushchair stand in front of your stall to have an air-kissing catch up, blocking the way to all customers, and all you can do is grin and bear it because they might buy something when they’re done.
  • You haven’t done  your own Christmas shopping because you’re too busy making everyone else’s Christmas gifting awesome.

Yup, it’s Christmas. Have you got any of your own experiences to add to the list?


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