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There are several things that bug me, okay, several million things, but one of them is the confusion between stationery and stationary. It isn’t too difficult to remember that stationery is envelopes and stationary means you are not moving, but it is something that some people just cannot get a handle on.

Particularly annoying to me is when you spot a neat design online, you click through to the designer’s (inevitably Etsy) shop and  they describe themselves as a “stationary designer” – UNFOLLOW. If you can’t spell it correctly, you sure as hell shouldn’t be selling it. GAH.

Anyway, I do love stationEry. I quite like remaining still, too, to be fair. I’ve amassed a small collection of papery things that I must offload, and so, here we are with giveaway numero dos!


Here we find:

  • Various kawaii stationery, including Tenorikuma and Hello Kitty letter sets
  • Paul Frank letter set
  • Jonathan Adler notebook
  • Laura Donald Eastenders notecards
  • Milk carton plush purse
  • Sharpie PENCILS.

Amazing. This time, to be in the draw, please follow me on Twitter (I’m @tinyotterpaws) and then leave a comment below with your username. Simple.

Leave your comment by 12 noon on Thursday 4th December and remember to check back to see if you’ve won!

Still more giving away to be done. Keep it dialled in here.



15 thoughts on “Stationery Giveaway

  1. HaHa! One of my pet hates too 😠😬😵
    When I was a kid (around 5 or 6), I always got it mixed up so my dad used to tell me “The train is stationAry when it Arrives at the station, so that’s when you write your stationEry Envelopes”

    And YES, it irritates me even more when it’s someone who should know better! I mean, would you go to a hairstylist who was gonna use Hair DIE? I think not!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway BTW, I’d love to enter 🙂 but I’d follow you even without it 😁 #EforEnvelopes

    My twitter username is @Crafty_Lass

  2. Simple!!! Simple!!! I logged into twitter and discovered that in my absence I’d started following a few hundred extra people (including a Wichita based escort agency). I deleted them all individually and I’m now following you. Yes, that’s how much I love stationery. I’m @kerrymccance.

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