Well, that was rather a longer hiatus than I anticipated. The truth is, I’ve been at work for most of the last 2 months, bashing my head metaphorically against a brick wall of despair. Whoever said a career in broadcasting was glamorous was off their tiny rocker.

In the intervening times, I have closed The Bellwether to all but instant-download PDF traffic and also written my last post for Super Cute Kawaii, so I’ve essentially retired from everything but my day job. I should feel liberated and free and have a lot of spare time, but unfortunately, this hasn’t transpired yet, so I’m not really feeling the benefits yet.

Also, I have…



..finally been to the Gourock Lido for a midnight swim (spoiler – actually is at 10pm). It was fabulous. I’m going again next week. I went with my lovely friend Sarah, who I also saw with her bandmates at…


..Kelvingrove Bandstand, for their gig as part of the Commonwealth Games Opening h00-ha. It was a perfect evening and such fun. This was on the day I came back from a mini-break in Kos, where we ran into…


..,my best friend Jo and her boys, Ryan and Harris.We spent a very sunny day by the pool together which was again, such fun. Harris is the best company and I got to hang out in the pool with him lots. Speaking of trips, we also made a road trip to West Linton where I ate…


..quite the poshest pie, beans and mash I’ve ever had at Tony Singh’s Old Bakehouse. We went for my Mum’s birthday and it was superb. I can’t wait to go back! Soon, I hope. We’ve also had our other social occasion for the year, in the form of my colleague Chris’s wedding, at New Lanark, which was…


..delightfully quirky and beautiful and romantic and perfect. It was so nice to see him happy after a tough year. I basically drank, cried and danced all day, sometimes all at once. It’s left me very little time for sewing, though I did finish off my Grand Budapest Hotel set, with this…


..Mendl’s van. It’s so cute. I hope to one day get my shit together and get the remaining charts online to purchase. I’ll still keep my hand in. Just not sure when. Too much busy! But I do have a mere 3 weeks until I have another holiday to jet off on – maybe I’ll get time to catch up then.



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