Feedem Pet Supplies

Recently, I was contacted to see if Max would like to review some products from Feedem, an online pet supermarket. I consulted with him and he duly agreed, he’s a sucker for a freebie. I took a slightly more scientific approach, checked out the site, and agreed to help him out with it.


We were given £35 and a choice of two aisles to browse – the dog beds and the Kong toys.

Firstly, let me say that the choice of dog bedding is wide and varied. It was difficult to choose what to purchase but I did find that the filters on the website helped me narrow it down a bit. Obviously, I needed a big bed, what with Max being part T-Rex, so being able to filter by size was pretty useful. There are also filters for price, waterproof, softness, etc which are handy if you know roughly what style you want but are open to suggestions, like I was.

I knew that I needed something flat and big – Max likes to stretch out – but I also wanted something that wasn’t brightly coloured or cheesy – nothing with paw prints all over it.

tartan bedAnd here’s what we chose – a nice big tartan cushion-style bed. It fits in very well with our hunting lodge chic decor and is plenty big for Max to lounge on – ours is actually more of a Stewart red tartan. Here’s Max modelling on it by the fire:


As you can see, he was a little unsure of it to begin with, as it’s a bit puffy and it being synthetic, he slid off it a bit! But now it has settled down, he’s pretty happy to lounge on there with a bone, giving us a little bit more of a chance of being able to sit on more than a few millimetres of the sofa. It also gives us somewhere to send him to if he needs a time-out, or to get out from under our feet.

The downside to this bed is that I am not so sure it will be fully washable – the description on the site says it is, but I imagine it will lose its shape when it’s washed. I’d prefer it to have a removable cover like Max’s other bed, as they can get rather muddy if you have a country-dwelling dog like me!

However, having said that, at just £15.99 at the moment, you won’t find much better value for the size and apparent comfort. Definitely a winner on those fronts. A good size for fitting in the boot of my car, too, for when we have to road trip.

On the Kong toy front, we opted for the large Kong Wubba toy, which Max has had one of before. These toys are excellent quality and are very durable, which is just as well, at the jaws of a large Labrador!


The big bit squeaks, but takes a fair bit of pressure to do so, so isn’t constantly squeaking like some of the cheaper toys that do my head in! Sometimes, I buy Max a toy and instantly regret it as the noise is too much! But this one he will actually chew and chase without it squeaking, which to me, is a great reason to invest in one! It took Max several months to detach all the tentacles from his previous Kong Wubba (a gift from auntie Sarah & Pumpkin), which is a pretty good return on investment. They come in various sizes and colours, too, so don’t worry if you think your dog would never fit that in his chops! Kong do a wide range of toys including special water resistant ones for swimming with – not something we’ve had success with with Maxie, but little Pumpkin has one and loves to swim out for it.

All in all, I was really pleased with the service from Feedem. I made a mistake on my address, and had to contact customer services, who were quick and clear in their response and my order showed up very quickly by UPS. I especially liked that the bed hadn’t been rolled up or vacuum packed, meaning it didn’t lose any of its shape – the box it came in was massive!

Feedem have a wide range of stuff not just for dogs, but for cats and other domestic pets, so I am pretty sure I’ll be back to use their services again soon. In fact, I’m just eyeing up their special offers section now and thinking now might be a good time to stock up on treats for the garden birds. We are quite literally overrun with tits right now. Arf arf.

For reading all the way to the end, here’s a bonus picture of a cute, sleepy Max. You’re welcome.



PS – the one thing I don’t get is the name – Feedem. Is it like Feed ’em? It sounds a bit feminine hygiene, non?

Yes, Sherlock, this is a sponsored post. I was supplied two items free of charge by Feedem to review but these opinions are all mine (and Max’s). Damn straight.


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