Now, here’s a thing – I don’t think I actually blogged about this previously. It happened in the midst of house shit and I forgot, most like. But behold – Craftydermy:



I was invited to contribute a project to the book and wanted to do something small and quick – so often with these books, I flick through and get put off by the amount of time the projects take, so whenever I am lucky enough to be asked to contribute, I always pick something small and fast to make!

Craftydermy 6


I had to nick this photo from the lovely Laura from Bugs & Fishes blog because I am lame -but she has written a nice review of the book which you should read (thanks, Laura!).

Slightly annoyed that they spelled my name incorrectly inside! But I was pleased that they included my wee deer, none the less!

I should probably put together some sort of page with all my stuff like this on – a creative CV! Fancy that.


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