We had a house inspection the other day, so the house was tidy and clean for a few hours. Max was packed off to my dad’s for the night to give the illusion of calm. It was quite strange having a sofa without a big dog sprawled on it and no dog-hair dust bunnies roaming the floors. Doesn’t it look tranquil?

We got that stag’s head just before Christmas from M&S. It’s a cardboard pop up one and I think it looks pretty at home up there above the fire. We’ve also put up a bunch of artwork we’ve been meaning to for a while, including the Hatch Show Print one to the left of the fire which you can’t quite make out. It makes everything feel a bit more homely.

We finally completed the last bit of admin which sees us free from the housing debacle of 2013, so a weight has been lifted, finally and fully off our shoulders. We did what any sane person would do to celebrate – booked a holiday on the proceeds. Cincinnati here we come!


2 thoughts on “Tidy

  1. Claire, I do hope you trip to Cincinnati is sometime in the future as we have been stuck in a bone chilling snow covered winter! In fact I am writing this from Joshua Tree, CA, after a week escape from the Queen City. Packing bags to return tomorrow anticipating shoveling snow off the driveway tomorrow evening! I know you have relatives in Cincinnati but if you need any help during your visit just give me a heads up. I’m a transplant here many many years ago from Stoke-on-Trent.

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