Summer Loving

Oh, man, has it been hot here. Not Thailand hot – when I think about how hot I am feeling, I just remember being on that train to Prachinburi. And then the train back, standing for three hours with my face in a Thai man’s sweaty armpit before I could get a spot hanging off the side of the train – that was amazing. Anyway, I digress. Here’s some snaps from the past couple of weeks, from what will be remembered in years to come as the glorious summer of 2013.

6 1 2 3 4 5

>> 1. Lots of al fresco dining > 2. The picture postcard field behind our house > 3. The heat gets too much for Maxie sometimes, poor chap > 4. But when it’s shady out front, he does love lying on the grass, as do I > 5. I can make rainbows > 6. Potting table – the garden is bursting with plants! <<


NB: I drafted this post last week. It’s now pissing it down and we’re back to torrential rain and thunder storms. Meh.


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