Max Update

photo 2


Max has been enjoying his box of delights from Pet Supermarket. In fact, he’s pretty much scoffed the lot now, with just some of the treats left to devour. You can see he was rather taken with all the smells in there.

He’s enjoyed all three of the foods he was sent – Royal Canin, Hills Science Light and James Wellbeloved. It’s hard to say which he preferred as he pretty much wolfed them down without pausing for breath, of course. But I think of the three I preferred to give him the Hills Science Light, as we are trying to reduce his weight a bit and that seems to be a lighter version. He needs to lose a bit more weight, it’s good for his achey hips, so I’d be happy giving him this (or the others) again.

He’s not really a bandana kind of guy, so he’s going to be sending this spotty neckerchief off to my friend Susan’s little dog, Parker. Isn’t he cute?



Now there’s a guy who can rock a bandana! Thanks, Pet Supermarket! They are offering 15% off everything on their site for the next month (until 23/08) if you use the code BLOG15, so now is a good time to stock up on essentials. I’m off to check out their range of joint supplements now – rock and roll!


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