A Well Fed Dog Is A Happy Dog



Recently, I had a delightful email from Pet Supermarket asking me if Max fancied trying out some of their wares and reporting back here, on the blog. I’ve never been asked to review a product on my personal blog before, so I was slightly aggrieved that Max was asked before I was, but we discussed it and I agreed to write about it for him if he did the taste testing, in return for extra puppy cuddles. I think everyone won out on that deal.

It’s been unseasonably hot here in my part of Scotland. It’s July, so that usually means a slightly warmer rain than usual, but it’s been TROPICAL. We’ve all been panting a bit in the heat, but poor Max has a fur coat on 24/7 and has been struggling. We’ve been keeping him cool with shorter walks in the mornings/evenings and his days in the paddling pool, or lying on the cool floor in front of a fan. But he certainly perked up when this box of goodies arrived the other day for him to try out.

We’ve not tried everything out yet, but I can safely say that the spotty bandana gave us all a bit of a giggle…


photo 3


Excuse me, Babushka, have you seen Max…? We’ll report back once he’s had a chance to try everything, but so far, the Bakers All Sorts treats are going down well. Rather too well – I’ve had to hide the packet!


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