I think I did pretty well on Blog Every Day In May, but towards the end, I was just too busy to keep up. I enjoyed it though and I hope to keep up more frequent postings (ha!).

One thing I’ve done over the weekend, whilst I was stuck at home, glued to my work laptop, was catch up on the 10 episodes of the TV show Nashville that I had stored up in our Sky+ box.



I originally started watching it as we were going to real-life Nashville and thought it might be cool to recognise a few places – don’t fall into that trap. This is not real-life Nashville, it’s glossy, superstar Nashville. Real Nashville is trashy, crass and over the top – a bit like a country music Blackpool.



But I digress. I’ve become quite hooked on the show – so many twists in the plot! And everyone has amazing hair and, dare I say it, I kinda like a bit of country music. Catch up with it on 4OD if you’re in the UK. So good.


We had a pretty good time in Nashville, but it was so different from what I expected. I didn’t expect it to be so, well, tacky. Perhaps a Friday night during Spring Break is not the best time to experience it, but it was stuffed to the gunwhales with hen and stag parties, as well as an odd mixture of tiny pre-teen cheerleaders who were in town for some sort of national competition.

We did get to visit an authentic honky tonk though and had a fun night at Robert’s, where we saw the house band, Brazilbilly. Good times.



It was pretty packed! We got a table on the balcony though and had a great view. Next day, we returned downtown and visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is still pretty interesting even if you’re not into that kind of thing. The costumes are pretty amazing!



We also visited Hatch Show Print, which I will have to post about separately and share my swag from!

I’m not sure I’d hurry back – the small town of Franklin was much nicer. It’s not far from Nashville and has a really nice relaxed atmosphere, lots of little independent shops and restaurants and was generally more my vibe. I’ve realised writing this that there are loads of things I’ve not posted about from our trip, so I should really sort out my photos and get on with that.


2 thoughts on “Nashville

  1. Another Hatch Show Print fan here – I practically bought the shop the last time I was there! We have a couple of posters hanging in our kitchen and a tube of additional vital purchases biding their time somewhere.

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