Food Glorious Food

We were in America last month, visiting family, shopping, touring around Tennessee and generally having a whale of a time. I always love the food in America, the land where anything can be deep fried and served in a bun (and I say that in admiration, as a Scottish person).

We ate so many amazing things and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably have been licking your screen for the whole time we were away, as I posted loads of food porn photos.

Here’s a selection of our eats from our trip:


Mmm, breakfast burrito from the hotel on the day we left – so good.


Massive big ice cream sundae from Graeters in Cincinnati – an ice cream institution! It’s a must-have on every trip. This had cookie dough and some other gooey delights in it.


Corned beef sandwich and potato pancake at Izzy’s, Cincinnati. A Man V Food restaurant! But we didn’t take the challenge.


Skyline chili with just a little bit of cheese! Cincinnati chili goes back to the 1940s and is a special recipe with cinnamon and other stuff in it that’s unusual. It’s served over spaghetti with a massive handful of cheese on top for a 3-way. Add onions and/or beans for a 4- or 5-way. I like the 4-way with onions, easy on the cheese.


Oh, Cheesecake Factory, I love you but my thighs do not. Cookie dough cheesecake – OH YEAH.


Breakfast at the Loveless Cafe, Nashville. Oh, MY. The biscuits (scones to you and I) are like little clouds, I think I ate about 87 of them. And that thing in the pot is hash brown casserole. I’m drooling. I think I need to come back and write about Loveless a bit more at some point.


Basically, if you haven’t had a Five Guys burger, you lose at life. They are, quite simply, the best burgers, ever.


Aww, MAN. The barbecue we had in Pigeon Forge, TN will go down in Brown family history. LEGENDARY. Also we stayed in a Christmas-themed hotel there and ate ice cream in the hot tub by the Christmas tree, but that’s a story for another day. As is the tale of our best meal in Cincinnati. Now I have to go find breakfast. Pronto.

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2 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. Wow! Some of those look awesome. I’ll need to try the Cincinnati chili and the hash brown casserole. Haven’t tried Five Guys yet, but a burger from “In and Out” is definitely one of the best.

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