I don’t really collect things as such, more gather. I do have a penchant for vintage tins though – I suppose that maybe counts as a collection. I don’t like just any old tins – sometimes people “donate” tins to me and I know they mean well, but really I am only interested in old, interesting tins which don’t have too much damage and can still actually be used, rather than any old common or garden biscuit tin.

photo 2

Hmm, OK. That’s a collection. That’s not even half of it. I usually pick them up in junk shops or charity shops, occasionally at a car boot sale if I go, which happens rarely. I should go to more, really.

Here’s my favourite tin, which I picked up on a market stall in York a few years ago:


It’s a little bit dented but still useable. And pricey at Ā£3! But I love the colour and that it had obviously been well-used but taken care of.

I do occasionally like new tins, if they are interesting and will probably turn out to be collectable in the future. For example, a whole bunch of 2012 Diamond Jubilee ones, like this:


Love the illustration. It is from M&S, of course, who are really the kings of the new tin, in my eyes.

Oh, just remembered I do have a small collection of something else – Russian papier mache! I have a few urns and a couple of brooches but for some reason, don’t seem to have many photos of them. Here’s one in my living room. I got a bunch of them over time from a woman at a car boot sale who used to live in East Germany in the 70/ 80s and bought them from Russian soldiers.

photo 1

What do you collect?

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16 thoughts on “Collecting

  1. I collect little sheep, it’s quite bizarre as I never set out to collect anything. I have about 15 of different shapes and sizes and I’m particular about which ones I get too! It all started with a gift of a money bank sheep.
    I really enjoy your blog, I also create part-time and work so It’s lovely to know there are other people working ever hour of the day!
    Jen x

  2. Your tin collection is fabulous! Agree with you about the lovely M&S tins too šŸ™‚ Plus I have house envy with that photo of your lounge…

  3. I understand what you mean when people give you things for your collection. I don’t collect much but I am particular about what I add toy collections as well. šŸ˜‰

  4. M&S ARE the king of tins now. I really wanted one of the Jubilee ones but just never got around to getting one. I’m too anally retentive to justify getting a tin if I don’t have a specific purpose to it. It’s annoying because it stops me buying ALL THE THINGS.

    • I have one of the Jubilee ones that I was gifted. I had to stop myself buying them all, too. Going to treat myself to one of the new Linzie Hunter illustrated ones this week though!

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