Favourite Five Blogs

1. Scouting NY.

The blog of a New York film scout, who posts about all the weird and wonderful things he finds on his travels. I love reading about the little pieces of history that don’t make it to the guidebooks.

2. Super Cute Kawaii

Cheating, as it’s one of my own? I don’t think so – I’m very proud of it. Marceline is the real driving force behind it, but we do a good job bringing kawaii news to the masses. We have a fairly large following now and I find that pretty cool. You should come check out what I write when I’m not blogging here!

3. Dropstitch

I love to read about people’s mundane lives – not that I am saying Laura’s life is mundane – far from it! But I do love to read the details and Laura paints such a great picture with her words of what’s going on in her life. She also has a very cute daughter (and I say that as someone notorious for their ambivalence towards children) and is a very talented crafter.

4. Messy Nessy Chic

Terrible name for a blog, but it’s stuffed full of interesting off-beat articles. I have a fascination with abandoned buildings, random places around the world, etc, so this is a perfect read for me.

5. Conversation Pieces

On a little hiatus just now, as Zoe has just moved to London, but I do love Zoe’s posts, filled with bright and airy photos and loads of amazing finds for her home. Looking forwards to seeing what she does with her new abode.

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