Five Lines


Hello! I’m Claire, I live in a little town near Glasgow, with my husband of 9 years,with this lovely scenery on my doorstep. I’m originally from Ayrshire and have lived in various places, including Guernsey, just about every part of Glasgow and Bangkok.

I work as a Production Manager for a TV company and I also run my handmade interiors and craft kits company, The Bellwether. When I am not doing that, I write at Super Cute Kawaii. Oh, and at Craft Tuts+. And when I’m not doing that, I walk my massive Labrador. I don’t sleep much. I have no formal qualifications in writing, television production or craft and I don’t have a degree. I like to think I am a good example of hard work winning out over fancy intials after your name.

I like to read about many and various topics, including but not limited to Victorian social history, abandoned buildings, the Tudors and how things work. I like to learn new things. I also like to watch TV, not just at work where I’m paid for it – I’m a sucker for a box set.

If I won the lottery, I’d buy an old Victorian painted lady house in San Francisco and open a shop or maybe a hotel. I’d love to live in America. It will happen one day.

The five words that sum me up best are does not suffer fools gladly. I swear too much. I wear glasses for looking at computers. I love ponies and I do not believe for a minute that narwhals are real.

I’m blogging every day in May as part of this, so this is my introduction. Find out more here. 

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6 thoughts on “Five Lines

  1. I think marathoning is definitely the way to go with television series. I am currently watching Lost with my friend (who has seen it before), and we just started the final season. I’m going to feel quite bereft when it’s all over, at least until I work out what to watch next!

    I stopped by from BEDM, thought I’d say hi to everyone who has done their Five Lines posts!


  2. Found your blog through #BEDM. I lived in Machrihanish years ago as young girl. If I win the lottery I will be making a trip back. Scotland was wonderful. I look forward to reading here more!

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