Seven Days In Berlin

I’ve written about Neil Slorance before, but I have to again. Neil recently sent me a (personalised signed!) copy of his latest illustrated travelogue, Seven Days In Berlin.


I finally got around to reading it earlier and I am so sorry it took me so long. I love his naive style of drawing and his very simple way of telling a story, just like he’s relaying it to you in the pub.


What I love best about this and his last travelogue, Nine Lines Of Metro (about his trip to Barcelona), is that they both made me laugh out loud and then made me shed a tiny tear at the end. Also both of them made me want to go off on an adventure of my own. A rollercoaster of emotion in a small but perfectly formed zine. Perfection.

You can buy both of these travelogues together here and find out more about Neil and his pet tortoise Herman here.

Also, Neil recently drew a picture of Max to cheer him up when his dicky hips were sore (Max’s, not Neil’s). Too cute. Thanks, Neil!



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