Saturday 8th December 2012




photo (2)


photo (3)

>> Ikea on a Saturday – madness >> picking out a Christmas tree >> Max on our new rug >> naked tree >> new decorations from my mum >> corn cakes and salsa for dinner <<

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The next day in the life will be Boxing Day! That’s 26th December. Please join in – this should be a particularly interesting one, I think!


3 thoughts on “Saturday 8th December 2012

    • What I neglected to mention from this was that it was utterly dead when I got there at 0930 – waited for it to open at 10, in the meantime having a stand-up shouting match with a security guard who was a total douche. But I did get what I needed and get back out in about 20 mins which was a result as far as I’m concerned!

      • Result! We arrived at 10 but it was hoaching by the time we left at 11ish, must have just missed you. I did like the wee sheds with all the Christmassy shiz inside, very festive, until the tree guys relocated operations to directly outside them so no-one could see in, which I’m *sure* was totally a part of the marketing plan. We are attempting to be there early for the sale on Thursday. Wish me luck!

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