1. The indie secret santa partners have been drawn now. You’ll have been emailed if you got in touch with all your details, do enjoy. I forgot I wouldn’t be able to join in myself, bah. But I have the warm glow of having organised it for others to keep me occupied.

2. The weather outside is frightful. We got a bunch of snow on Sunday/Monday, a bit more on Tuesday and today it’s raining on top of it all, rendering our patch of Brownton Mountain almost unnavigable. Max and I tried to go for a walk this morning and both of us fell over before we even got up the driveway. So I’m working from home and he’s watching telly.

3. The next Day In The Life day is this Saturday, 8th December, as chosen by Marceline. Do join in.

4. I’m giving away a Fuck The Dishes tea towel over at Miso Funky. You can win it in time for Christmas – go on, give it a go. Please make sure and tell your friends about all the things I make that are perfect Christmas gifts, whilst you’re at it. You can shop here.


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