I’ve been in Durham for a couple of days and have missed some of my blog-every-day-in-October days but I don’t even care because that’s just the sort of rebel I am.

Durham is nice but there is not much to it. It’s the sort of place you use as a base to explore the surrounding area rather than spend a lot of time in, I think. Still, we managed to amuse ourselves, my mum and I, with some shopping, a trek up the hill to the cathedral and a lot of cake-eating.

We stayed at the Radisson hotel which has a pool and spa, so if you do happen upon a loose end, you can relax there. I also made full use of their hair straightening facilities as I forgot to pack my straighteners. If you know me in real life, you’ll know just how catastrophic I’d have found that.

The highlight for me was my first time travelling first class on the train – so much more comfortable, and someone on hand feeding and watering you for free the whole time. Plus there was a cute black labrador puppy near me on the way down, I felt quite at home. The journey only cost about an extra £7 to go first class – well worth it.


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