Shaping Up


I’m quite pleased with how this is all shaping up now. The science laboratory cabinet has found its final resting place in the dining part of our massive living room/dining room/kitchen L and looks pretty at home, I’d say. I have vague notions of jazzing up the backs of the shelves with some wallpaper at some point.

Also of note, I re-opened my Folksy shop today. I remain standing firm by my principles on Etsy, but I felt Folksy less of a climb down from my high horse. Frankly, I feel I need to give it a go up to Christmas and then see what’s what. You can take a tiptoe down the virtual aisles of my shop here.

I’m off to Durham for a couple of days R&R tomorrow, so my daily blogging may see some interruption again. I’m quite impressed I’ve managed to keep this up for 3 whole weeks! But I am sure both you and I will be pleased when we go back to less frequent encounters next month. Thanks for sticking by me!


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