Wistful Whimsy

It’s like 10 weeks til Christmas, which is past high time to be thinking about it, if you ask me. As an indie business proprietor, you never really stop thinking about Christmas. There is always something to be done, designs to be made, packaging to be bought, hopes to be pinned on it.

Sometimes it’s crazy mental, like two years ago when I barely slept for a month. Sometimes it’s more manageable, like last year, a steadier pace. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for a busy one this year, as, cards on the table, I’ve been really quiet of late. I suspect that changing my website and brand last year has something to do with it. I should write a book called How To Rebrand And Lose All Your Customers.

Anyway, I keep plugging away, with my limited time and energy, to try to improve matters. I’m no different to anyone else doing the same work/business juggling act, I guess. It’s tough for everybody and I am trying to take my own advice and keep my head down and plough my own furrow.

Yesterday, Lee and I allowed ourselves the indulgence of a brief look at Christmas decorations. We have a Christmas village which we like to add to each year – I am sure I’ll be posting photos of that once it goes up. It’s a bit twee but it’s our seasonal indulgence! We didn’t have it out last  year as we’d just moved and had nowhere to stage it, but this year, we have the perfect place.

This Japanese paper version though caught my eye earlier – so whimsical! I love this sort of shit. I don’t have a heart of stone after all, maybe.


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