Renegade Bound

I’m London-bound today, with my giant suitcase of awesomeness stuffed to the gunnels with kits, samplers and badges (and a bargain box of sale things), ready for a weekend of Renegade Craft Fair-ing. I’ll be at Old Truman Brewery on Saturday and Sunday 15 & 16 September, 11-6 along with so many awesome designers it would make you weep.  Do come along (and bring a tissue) if you’re in the vicinity!

I’m getting the sleeper train back on Sunday night, which I am equal parts scared of and excited by. I then have to go straight to work – zzzzz! Looking forwards to finally unleashing the Miso Funky x Finest Imaginary collaboration at the show (clue: woodland) and eating some good foods at Wahaca, hopefully. Kim has told me about Meat Liquor which sounds really amazing, hope we have time for that, too. I have my reservations about dining anywhere that serves drinks in jam jars, but I hear they now have glasses – it’s like the future!


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