Amazing Places

It’s been a secret wish of mine for some time to live in a house interesting enough that other people want to see inside it. Or indeed outside of it. We have lived in our cottage for nearly a year now, and although there is still so much more to do to it, I am happier here than anywhere else I’ve lived as an adult, I reckon.

I have in the past jokingly said to Lee, usually as a precursor to a prod to put something away or clean something, that we’ll never get into House Beautiful magazine if we don’t do X. Ho ho. So, you can imagine that I was quite excited when I received an email from a journalist last week asking for a peek inside our home with a view to them doing a feature on it. HOLY. GRAIL.

There is so much to do – we are thinking of throwing caution to the wind and painting the living room, ridding it of it’s garish red wall and replacing it with a cooler, in all senses of the word, grey one, like we have in the bedroom. Curtains are being selected. The ceiling, which partially caved in last November is finally going to be fixed by the landlord’s agents next week (though I’ll believe it when I see it). We’re in negotiations to purchase a really cool and unique dining table. These have all been spurred on slightly by the arrival of that email last week.

Whilst I know I’ll never live in a house like this one in Canada (I wouldn’t want to – whilst it’s really beautiful, it’s so soul-less and impersonal), it will give me a deep sense of satisfaction if I do manage to create a homely place that others would look at and say, “Oh, that’s nice”. But as long as we like it, that’s more important.


One thought on “Amazing Places

  1. The stairs on that house in Canada, oh my! I love them but my perfectionist streak would be out of control if so much as a cat hair fell on them. I dream of minimalism, but have never quite managed it yet. Congrats on the feature, I am looking forward to seeing it.

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