Tarts And Other Treats

My mum was staying with us recently and spent a great proportion of her time in the kitchen. She used to be a chef and now works as a matron at a boarding school and does not get to indulge her culinary skills so often, so really makes up for it when she comes to stay with us.

These tarts were delicious and also dead easy and dead quick to make. Here’s the instructions.

To make both tarts, take a block of ready-rolled puff pastry from the supermarket (Mum always swears by this, even as an ex-pro. Life is too short to make pastry unless it’s for something really important!) and cut it in half.

Then make a score all the way round your rectangle to create a border. Don’t cut all the way through, just score – this is where your crust will rise up.

For the one on the left, tomato and pesto, take a jar of readymade pesto and spread a couple of spoonfuls over the base. Lay cut-in-half cherry tomatoes on top. Season with some salt and pepper and some basil if you have some lying around.

For the other tart, take some red onions and fry them for a bit. Lay on top of the pastry and then crumble goats cheese on. Season.

Stick in the oven, medium heat, for 10-15 minutes. Et voila – tasty tarts!

We also made these scones and the jam atop them. Stop licking the screen.




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