Sunny Days

Isn’t this weather glorious? It’s so hard to make yourself work when it’s so sunny when you really want to be outside, lying on the grass and eating ice lollies. I hear the weather will take a turn this week, so make the most of it!

On Saturday night, Jo and I completed our 10k hike round Glasgow’s city centre to raise money for the Prince and Princess Of Wales Hospice. We kept up a brisk pace and didn’t stop once and made it round the course in a respectable 1 hour 50 minutes, which considering our preparation consisted of eating barbecued food and watching Eurovision seemed pretty good to me. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it per se, but it was less not-fun than I expected, the weather was perfect, it wasn’t too scary wandering around Govan in the dark and it was good chat and we raised over £400, so high fives all round.


We even got medals! Not sure why they went with one for gay-friendly disco dancing, but I like it all the same. As an added bonus, one of my work colleagues saw me en route, so they can vouch to my workmates who sponsored me that I really did do it.

In other weather-ish-related news, we bought the dog a paddling pool a few days ago to try to provide him with something to cool down. He finally got the hang of it yesterday (though still refuses to sit down in it) and looked much happier about the heat after he realised it’s not going to eat him.


That’s his massive fat tongue, by the way. He drinks more water than you could ever imagine, so thinks the paddling pool is like the best bowl of water EVER. Swoon.

Today, instead of the more fun option of having an early morning swim, I have been setting up an online sample sale to clear out some of the seconds and fancy frames I have accumulated. There are 9 pieces which will be getting sold off to the first person who stakes a claim from 10am today here.

Preparation for Pulse continues apace. I am actually feeling far less panicked and more on top of it the last few days, mostly because the brochures and price lists are printed and look awesome. All the new kits are also printed and ready to go and in my possession, and they’ve launched over here. Now that it’s only a week and a half away, the nerves seem to be dissipating somewhat and I feel like it is coming together. Which is a relief. Still loads to make though, so there will be a few late nights coming up. 

Only 17 days until our holiday though, hurrah! The wisdom of the timing of it is questionable, but if I have to take work with me, I will – it will be far more bearable doing it by a pool with a bottle glass of sangria by my side. Onwards!


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