Day In The Life 20/04/12

Day in the life, mundane edition…

0700 Wake up. Lee is going to work. The dog comes in and goes to sleep next to me. I insisted we’d never allow the dog in the bedroom before we got him – I think I cracked less than 24 hours in.

0815 Wake up again, have a shower. Drying my hair and the doorbell goes – it’s the gas engineers inspecting our boiler for the letting agency. It should be a 10 minute job, but he’s here for an hour, chatting up Max and telling me all about his dogs. Now we have a dog, it’s like we’re in some secret society, we get all the dog chat. I quite like this though I wish I’d had time to get dressed and tidy up a bit before the guy arrived.

0945 Look at our shiny new cabron monoxide detector. Get dressed. Have breakfast and start sewing.

1145 Still working, have taken a tour of the grounds with Max. He’s now eating a bone, noisily.

1230 Courier finally arrives, so I can go out. Take Max up the back for a run around. He splashes about in the burn, getting his face wet. He is extremely well behaved and doesn’t eat a load of sandwiches some urchin has discarded on the path. We both watch a fat, angry spaniel eat them on the way back. Max looks dejected so I give him a biscuit for being so self-disciplined.

1330 Back to work. Sewing up stuff for Red Door Gallery which I’d hoped to take in person to Edinburgh this week, but as my car broke down the other day, I am stuck on Brownton Mountain.

1430 Still no word from the garage about the car. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

1520 Touring the grounds again with the dog. Remember the giant box of Maltesers my dad gave me for Christmas and crack them open. Look at the plants we bought last night. It starts to rain so we go back inside.

1545 Lee arrives home. The garage call and break the news that whilst my car has not suffered fatal injuries it will cost more than I paid for the bloody thing in the first place to fix. I am now officially bankrupt for the rest of the month and I only got paid a week ago. Thankfully, once I am off the phone, Lee tells me the news of his payrise, hurrah!

1600 Lee, Max and I go for a walk down to the town centre to get cash out and go to the garage. We spend a while there chatting to the nice man who fixed my car and booking Lee’s in for next week. We then drive up the hill and feed the dog. Lee goes and tends to his plants outside whilst I hang out with the dog and do some more sewing.

1800 We both get changed and get ready to leave the house. Max is staying in with a pig’s snout for company. We have a snack and get in the car, it’s nice to be driving again.

1845 Arrive in Glasgow and park up – we are off to the theatre to see Monkee Business, a musical based on the music of The Monkees. A workmate gave me some free tickets, so we are going with an open mind. I’d give it a 6 out of 10. I realise that Peter Tork is not the one in the hat and am a bit sad.

2200 Leaving the car park, some dullard forgets to pay and holds us all up at the turnstile (not us). We head to Istanbul, the Turkish takeaway, rather than the city, for a late dinner of chicken pitta breads. MMMM.

2300 We arrive home and eat our very late dinner. The dog is delighted to see us, but not so delighted that we didn’t bring him any dinner. One last tour of the grounds for him and then bed, as I’m working in the morning. Zzzzz.


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