Power Organisation

I’ve been reading back posts of A Thrifty Mrs blog this past week (um, on my lunch break, of course) and have been inspired to finish unpacking stuff and organise stuff that’s been hanging around since we moved in to the new house.

One of the things that has been hanging about is my hair and make-up stuff. It looked like this, strewn all over our steamer trunk/laundry basket/bench:

It now looks like this, all tidied up in my old sock basket (that’s the basket I used to keep my socks in, not old socks…):

It’s amazing how much tidier the bedroom looks just by slinging some stuff in a basket. It looks pretty good alongside our new drawers too:

There’s still so much to do, but this quick fix has made it a bit easier to get on and sort out some of the rest of it. It’s quite satisfactory, even to make such a small change!


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