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I read this article on Modish about competition and how the only person who stops you from being affected by others is yourself.

It’s a concept worth getting your head around, as it’s so simple yet so true. It’s so easy in the indie design community to get bogged down in what others do and if they’re doing better than you, getting more press, “hogging” the opportunities. It takes a long time to realise that getting hung up on that is a thief of time and motivation.

I had an epiphany about this last year during my evaluation and although it’s hard to stick to, my goal is to let go of the negativity surrounding the constant competitiveness and to focus that energy into making a success of my business.

Read the article here.

I’d be interested to read any comments from people who agree or disagree! Do you feel there’s a “problem” with competitiveness? Do you get harrassed by it? Or do you rise above it?

(The cat is unrelated but cool).


7 thoughts on “Competition

  1. I agree, I think with so much distraction from others blogs, shops, tweets, facebook posts, there is a certain degree of competition, but I think it comes from within ourselves, if we let these things get to us they can be really destructive to how we feel we are doing ourselves. It’s good to have internet down time, as inspirational as it can be, sometimes we might need to separate ourselves from it , if we think it’s causing us too much pressure…. does that make sense… I used to think OMG look what everyone else is up to, but now I just think Great for them and use it to spur me on to achieve better things for myself x

    • Definitely, Sue. The pressure is from ourselves, no one else. Time away gives you perspective on things. I still get stressed but I know it’s my own fault!

      Just signed up to your blog feed – good luck with your trade fair, will be reading with interest!

  2. I think it depends how you look at it. If you can remove yourself from the jealousy aspect you can use it as a motivation factor to strive to do better. Use competition as a benchmark to push yourself and your business. Just know that your journey will take you to different places at different times.

    • Thanks for the wisdom, it’s been really great to be reminded that everyone can get dragged down sometimes but it’s you that can drag yourself out of it again!

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