My 01/02/12

0545 Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. BRRRR.

0550 Dog is dancing about outside bedroom door. Get up and let him out into garden and make his breakfast.

0615 Have had a shower, now getting ready, drying hair, etc. Lee is up and
about. Dog is lying on bed, watching me.

0645 Retrieve socks from dog’s jaws. Get dressed.

0650 Leave house. It’s very, very cold. Get in car and realise for the second morning in a row, there is no ice to scrape off it on the outside but there is on the inside.

0652 Realise I forgot my scarf. Extra brrr. As I am three point turning to
get out the drive way, I hear an almighty metallic PING from the front left hand side of the car. The car has been making a series of more and more sinister noises for the past week or so and today it sounds like something is realllly broken. I decide that the best policy is to completely ignore this and carry on with my journey.

0730 I arrive at work, 30 minutes early. I designated the first day of the
week Motorway Monday, to force myself to drive on the M8 to work to conquer my terror/get more experience. I actually quite enjoyed it as it’s kinda
like a giant game of Mario Kart (with less crashing, so far) so I have continued with it for the remainder of the week, too.

0800 Colleagues starting to arrive. I tell one of my colleagues I like her
jacket (I don’t). Eat a biscuit for breakfast. Read the umpteen emails that I have been sent since yesterday. Text Lee about the car.

0840 Discussing with colleague where to locate an old fashioned flat iron
for the weekend (he is in a play that it’s needed for). We eventually decide he’d be better buying a travel iron, cutting the cord off and spray painting it black.

1020 My late shift colleague has arrived and we are trundling along. I have a lot of chasing up of people to do and emails to fire off. I am not in any
way also surreptitiously reading the Radio Times.

1200 Lots more annoying emails. Helping people with stuff. Eat packet of
Frazzles. Exciting.

1300 Boss lady is going to the sandwich shop. I put my order in. I make a list of things to do before I go to Amsterdam on Friday.

1330 Things are kicking off slightly. Late shift colleague and I briefly
discussing how utterly idiotic other colleague is. We’ve emailed him a
question about 8 times today and he’s still not properly answered it. Eat Indonesian meatball sandwich from Cherry & Heather, the Japanese deli in Cessnock. This is probably the only advantage to working in such a hideous part of town.

1500 Dealing with a “situation”. Ask boss lady to weigh in which she does.
Briefly discuss who has applied for managers job with my work wife
Lindsay, judging solely on people’s outfit choices.

1615 Get out of work into car. Worry it might fall apart so decide it’s probably safer to go on the A roads. Stop off at supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner (and biscuits). Complete journey and arrive home without mishap.

1730 Arrive home, greeted first of all by Max who is super-excited to see me and then by the ear-splitting volume of the TV. My dad is here, he’s been dog-sitting whilst Lee and I have been out at work. I am not sure who enjoys this more, the dog, or my dad. He has the telly on full blast watching Criminal Minds. We have a chat and I start making dinner.

1800 I explain to Lee about the noises the car has been making, he straps on his head torch and goes out to have “a look”.

1830 Eat dinner, it’s cottage pie. It’s quite delicious if I do say so myself. I then open the giant parcel of aida that arrived today. There’s acres and acres of it. I cut up bits for someone else who I ordered some for and package that and all the orders from today up, ready to post tomorrow.

1945 Watch a programme on TV about Rod Hull. Wonder if he was buried with Emu?

2000 Dad is knackered (he works nights) so he goes off to bed. Lee and I watch Masterchef and attend to the dog, who has been feeling a bit ill again, but is doing much better today. We eat some Milka chocolate and sort out washing and then head off to bed at 10 as we are both very snoozy indeed. I should really have been finishing off my super-fun exciting collaboration project but my eyes won’t focus, so time for zzzzz.


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