Link Love

Phew, that was an epic last post, eh? Here’s some links to stuff that I’ve enjoyed reading, to take your mind off it.

Kim’s posts on running an indie business are proving to not only be bang on the money, but popular with other people looking for guidance and support. Her Working For Yourself series talks sense in a really clear way and I am loving it. Her posts about being the victim of plagiarism and 10 quick fixes for your business are recent highlights.

Also on the subject of plagiarism, Elise from Argyle Whale’s post on Copycattery is a useful read.

Indie Quarter is always a good read – I have discovered countless new crafty talents from it’s pages – so I was chuffed to have my Tidy House Empty Mind sampler included in this piece on Bare Walls.

And thank you to my favourite colleagues  Stephen who included me in this blog round up last week.  Stephen’s writing a comic at the moment and as this is a subject I know little about, I find it quite interesting to see how it’s produced. He’s also a new father, so his blog is worth a read for an insight into tiny babydom from a young dad’s view too. Also in this post, he switched me on to another colleague Kirsty’s blog, FortyFour Sunsets, full of fashion frolics. I had no idea Kirsty was such a great writer, I’ve really enjoyed going through some of her posts and learning again about a subject I am not immersed in but have a peripheral view of.

This is old news, but I was in a book last year what Carrie wrote. Here’s a post about my project. I was super-chuffed to be asked and also with how it turned out. Look what great company I was in to. Awesome.

And Katy is working on a new zine project which I hope to contribute to – perhaps you will too? Check here for info.

A nicely concise round-up on the pros and cons of wholesale v sale or return by Rowan here.

Aaaaand that’s it. Also, if you’re a new reader, you could check out Super Cute Kawaii, where I write regularly under the guise of both a panda and a French pastry bun named Jean Claude.


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