Fudged Fudge

Lee’s working away this week and to distract myself from work yesterday, I decided to make some fudge. Which, given that we’re doing Weight Watchers at the moment, was a bit silly, but I have always fancied trying to make it so there we are.

That’s it up there. It looks more like fudge in that picture than it does in the flesh but it’s essentially tablet. I used this recipe but forgot to take my phone to the shops for the ingredients and instead of normal milk, I ended up using condensed milk (as I’d read several recipes before I settled that one). That probably wasn’t a very good move as it burnt a wee bit and ended up resembling wet sand. Also it’s made of 120% sugar…BUT it is actually really nice!

My workmates will feel the benefits of it tomorrow if I remember to take it in, as it made about 5 times more than I could ever conceivably eat in a week! I think I need something a bit more foolproof for the next attempt.


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