On Tins

I think I mentioned recently that I collect tins, mostly vintage, but some modern ones. I am not sure if anyone knows that, really. It was certainly news to Lee, who thought I just liked putting things in boxes!

Here’s a few of my recent acquisitions. The top one is French, I think and has an odd handle on the top. That, the Fortnum & Mason, Amaretti and vintage kitten in a bath one all came from my mum the other day in a box filled with Japanese snack foods for no discernable reason other than that she’s pretty good at sending surprise gifts.

The little red house I bought on eBay a while ago for photographic prop purposes. I think it had biscuits in it maybe, it has a sticker on the front which you can just about see that says Brugge on it.

The little round one is my favourite that I’ve found in a while.

It’s a pity it has a dent in it but I still love it. The colour is proving hard to capture – it’s more green than this, really. A kind of 40s green – vintage green as Jo and I refer to it. With the red, it’s my favourite colour combo. I got it from York last month, when I visited with my mum, from the market where there’s a stall selling all sorts of vintage epehmera – can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks to see what they have this time!

I have loads more tins and boxes but always on the look-out for more!


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