Remember when I was garnering comments on my tangled work/life balance?

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what the outcome was. I know I have been! Cutting a long story short, a life-plan has been formulated chez Brown and we are implementing it slowly but surely. Part of that includes doing less work, as I outlined before and I think, so far, it’s working.

I’ve had a little more time to myself and I feel a lot less stressed and my enthusiasm has been renewed somewhat. I think that writing about it, and hearing that I wasn’t alone and that people had suggestions, really helped me, so thank you everyone for your notes of encouragement.

One of the things that has geed me up is the prospect of the new look for Miso Funky and the new website, courtesy of my birthday present this year from marceline. It’s taking shape  and I’m pretty excited about it. Having new, proper photos done for it by  Aleks is quite exciting, too.

We’re hoping to have it ready sometime in the summer, so stay tuned – it’s radically different and looking great so far!


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