Not dead

I’ve been so bad at keeping up to date. In my defence, I have been blogging more over at Miso Funky and Super Cute Kawaii regularly though.

As is my usual refrain, I’ve been busy. The usually dead spring/summer months have been a bit busier than usual, business wise. Amongst other things, I’ve been making up loads of tapestry kits for Liberty if London (ooh la la!) and making lots of stuff for a MF window display at Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh. When I first started out crafting, my ambition was to get something stocked in Red Door. And now I’ve got their entire shopfront dedicated to my work. To say I am chuffed is an understatement!

I also discovered last week that Delia, the actual Delia Smith, has one of my What Would Delia Do? samplers hanging in her house! Apparently she loves it. Her niece gave it to her-again, me = amazed. SO cool.

Apart from that subtitling and stuff. Learning to drive – so expensive but looking forwards to the freedom it brings. Get ready for road trips! And my best friend just got engaged, so I’m thinking of ways to convince her to get married in the crystal dome by Richard O’Brien.

More soon. Honest.


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