It’s an old cliche, but time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Which is exactly why it’s dragging past at a snail’s pace at work just now. An announcement of job cuts in what everyone thought was a recession-proof industry has led to an atmosphere at work of fear for those whose positions hang in the balance (not mine, thankfully) and plain awkwardness for the “safe” ones (who are wondering how safe they really are and for how long).

And to compound matters, I start training to do live subtitling tomorrow. Heaven help us. I am sure I’ll be rubbish at it and the 6 am starts are going to kill me! Plus I feel a little sick every time I think that I will be broadcasting live to the nation-me whose personal motto is “fuck it, that’ll do”…

Anyway, the point in this was – how is it almost March already?! I feel like I am on a train to crazy Christmas madness already and it’s not stopping long enough to let me do stuff. Already!

This feeling has only increased since I finally updated my accounts over the weekend. Yes, it took all weekend- I was only, ooh, 9 months behind.

It was a big shock to see not only how much turnover had shot up by since last year, but also to see how much busier January has been compared to November and December last year. If this is the shape of things to come, well, I better get cracking!

But now, I’m off to bed to dream about somehow managing to bypass the rigorous checks and call the queen a whore on Newsround…


3 thoughts on “Mid-Feb

  1. Good to hear that miso is going so well – it’s worrying when there are cuts at work (my place has been through it a couple of times recently). So are you worried about getting subtitling-tourettes?! You’ll be fine – Moosh – live!!!!! Jen x

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