I Want To Ride My Bicycle…

Maybe I’d find it easier to get into cycling if Glasgow was better equipped, like Copenhagen. Amazing!

Read all about it here.


2 thoughts on “I Want To Ride My Bicycle…

  1. That is such a great wee article! I’d love to ride my bike more but am terrified of being squashed by a car or a bus. I’m thinking of cycling to work once spring kicks in though. My other (cyclist) half tells me it’s a very safe route. I will TRY to do day in the life tomorrow and hopefully it won’t involve being called into work!

  2. Glasgow is horrible for cycling. It’s kind of an obsession at ours because Boyfriend works in a cycling shop and comes home with horror stories of commuters and couriers being knocked off their bikes by buses and taxis and getting injured really badly. A friend who also works there cycled to work for about 3 years and had two really bad knocks. I would love to cycle to work but I’m far too scared.

    It’s mental that the most vulnerable people on the road have to share a lane with the most aggressive.

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