Day In The Life

My day in the life
Saturday 28th november 2009

To illustrate just how much my new iPhone has taken over my life, I’m writing this on it in its entirety, including uploading it. Sorry it’s late!

825 Wake up, a relative lie in. Lee is up already. Last night was the first night i’ve slept in my own bed for a month, so I enjoy being cosy for a bit.

835 Check emails on iPhone in bed and make mental list of things to make.

845 Shuffle thru to living room in pyjamas and pick up half finished stitching from last nite (or early hours of this morning to be precise). Get cracking on that, at this time of year, there is literally not a moment to be spared!

930 Lee is changing the brakes on his car this morning with the help of a friend. Apparently this “won’t take long”. The brakes are sitting in our hall and weigh more than 8 baby elephants. The man who delivered them to our second floor flat during the week had to be given CPR after carrying them upstairs. Whilst all this is going on, I make some toast and then watch a show on tv I recorded about the art deco design of the orient express. I wish I could go on it.

1100 Having finished stitchery and started some more, I’ve had a shower and got dressed. It’s still uncomfortable to have jeans digging into my wounds but it’s getting better. I decide to go to the shop for some salt and vinegar square crisps, my current crisp obsession. Say hello to Lee and his motoring playdate on way back.

1200 More sewing for market tomorrow and London next weekend. Watch the end of Cranford, I’m a sucker for a period drama.

1300 Cutting aida (cross stitch fabric) to make up kits from my big 10 metre bolt in its fancy bag. Pondering budgicide. We are budgie sitting whilst my mother in law is on Wales. It’s very noisy. (the budgie not the mother in law)

1430 watching Las Vegas, sewing, eating Maltesers. Operation Brakes is complete.

1630 Sure we had some lunch somewhere in there but can’t remember what. Lee makes some tea towels with Jeff, I finish them off with new sharp scissors. I should stop buying new scissors and buy a scissors sharpener.

1930 Watching another of my guilty tv pleasures, Strictly Come Dancing whilst eating dinner quickly then getting back to sewing.

2015 Feel a bit sick. Hazards of having no gallbladder.

2035 Pull self together. Iron 8 billion tea towels whilst Lee makes more. Remark on our incredibly rock and roll lifestyle.

2145 Packaging stuff for market.

2215 Stop for a break. Ice cream and painkillers. We’re like Sid and fucking Nancy.

2245 Finish packing most stuff, now have to put pins on badges, the household’s least favourite job. Do this whilst watching Family Guy even though we’ve seen every episode at least 25 times.

2330 Bedtime? Make vague attempts at some sewing but too sleepy. Play Luxor on iPhone for a bit.

0020 Oops, got carried away. Really is bedtime now. Bonne nuit!


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