Oh, you’re such an egg

I’ve been blogging more over at Miso Funky so that excuses the almost month-long hiatus here! Honest, guv.

In the past month, there has been not much of note to report. My dodgy gall bladder woes continue. I have been in and out of work – they are very supportive which is a huge relief, as having worked at iomart for 6 years, I have an ingrained sense of guilt when I have to take time off work. My old boss there made me feel I had to go in when I had mumps, ie contagious! But the new bosses are very nice and I think want to make sure I don’t end up dying on their watch.

I have been to casualty once too, when I collapsed after eating a banana at work – THAT was fun. I had to lie on the bathroom floor at work until someone came in and found me as I couldn’t breath or get up to go and get help. Crikey!

I’ve also had an ultrasound which confirms 2 big gall stones and inflammation, hence the pain. I saw the surgeon on Monday who was a total dick and wanted to wait for 6 months “to see what happens”. I managed to beg him to just put me on waiting list, which still means a 3 month wait anyway. He said himself that I’d need it out sooner or later, so I think I convinced him that sooner would suit me better than later. It’s ruling my entire life and is painful every day – something he seemed not to believe. I suppose it is his job not to indulge people too much or we’d all end up hypochondriacs but a teeny bit of sympathy might not have gone amiss. Needs to work on his bedside manner!

I have researched how much it would cost to go private – and worked out that I only need to sell approximately 280 emobroideries to pay for it. Maybe I should hold a benefit gig to raise the funds! Even if I had £5,000 I don’ t think I could bring myself to spend it on having surgery, no matter the pain.

Apart from this, it’s been pretty quiet at Brown Towers. The crafting continues – had quite a few wholesale enquiries recently and I’m working on 2 of those, restocking Red Door Gallery and 2 custom orders. I’ve also started making plans for Christmas and even bought someone a Christmas present yesterday!

Off to work now, hopefully I can stick it out for the full week this week!

There’s another giveaway happening at Miso Funky, so make sure you check it out.


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