Jack, you’ve got a bit of tin foil on your arse



That’s him at the front. He’s my new embroidery machine! What a guy he is. He arrived on Saturday in a box that could easily house a small family. I thought the postman was going to need a lie down before he went back down our four flights of stairs:


 We unpacked him and oohed and aahed over the 150 bucks worth of free accessories including 7 billion spools of thread in every colour the rainbow, no less thatn FOUR pairs of various scissors and various other bits and bobs.

Then I read the instruction booklet and we went out and forgot about him for a bit. When we got back, we spent NINE HOURS setting him up and generally working out our differences. We finally agreed to do things Jeff’s way though.

Actually, I had had an inkling that it wasn’t all going to be plain sailing setting him up as I’d done some research before buying him and found on an American blog that  a gal who’d also bought one had problems with an error message which after a lot of faffing about, we managed to get round.

The main problem was threading it up and at some point in the future, I am going to do a tutorial and maybe even a video about how to do it as it’s really not as obvious as you’d think. We spent several hours unthreading, rethreading, and so on only to discover it was one tiny little detail that was out.  If it hadn’t have been for this blog, we’d have killed Jeff and then each other/ourselves. So, thanks Dena!

Most amazing was the fact that we didn’t just put him back in the box and weep at the lowest point. Instead we went for dinner and came back and it was a bit easier with refreshed eyes.

The other downside is that my tiny toty laptop doesn’t have a big enough screen resolution to run the software but thankfully Old Faithful, my old laptop manned up to the job. Pity I spent 35 bucks on an external CD/DVD drive before I found that out.

On the plus side though – it looks great! The things we’ve produced so far are fantastic. Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for me), all the good ones have sold already! But here’s a peek of a test run:


This is exactly the font I had in mind on tea towels when I started embroidering these things several years ago! It was quite something to see it finally come to fruition!

The first one came out pretty well but there was a small problem with the hoop placement (my fault) so it didn’t come out properly at the end. I managed to make 2 proper ones and they both sold on Sunday. To sew a tea towel by hand like this would take me roughly 3 hours. This took 11 minutes. To say I was a bit giddy after this discovery would be an understatement.

I’ve run out of tea towels now so have been experimenting with different fabrics. He doesn’t really like loose weave or thin cottons but I need to try out the backing stabilising stuff to see if that might help.

I also made some little samplers including a candy pink make tea not war that came out with a flock effect which whilst not intentional, looked ace! That sold instantly too.

It will be interesting to see where it goes from here as I have approximately 17 billion ideas for new products. Also, I’m looking into setting up a new side to the business offering personalised table linens and that sort of thing on a separate website, as well as working up a new line of stuff for Miso Funky which will translate my hand-sewn designs into machine-sewn ones.

I’ll continue with the hand-sewing too of course, but this will free up some time and give my poor arm a break, as it’s been really quite painful over recent weeks. All in all, so far, it’s a WIN!

Expect this to be the first of many posts about the wonder of Jeff. I must go and show him some love right now.


7 thoughts on “Jack, you’ve got a bit of tin foil on your arse

  1. You are a courageous lady! My brain starts to ache just reading through the specs on those machines, and I guarantee there would be tears and murder if I actually tried to put one together. Bravo!

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