Did you see Britney Spears in the paper this morning? I thought it was Vanessa Feltz. They could be sisters.

Yeah, once again I have been slacking on the blog front, although not as much as some I could mention, ahem!

I have been pretty busy with markets recently, first at the Raspberry Beret event, then the GCM market and then Made In The Shade.

Here’s some photos:


Stall set up at Raspberry Beret. I shared a giant table with Tracey.


A quieter moment in proceedings at Raspberry Beret. It was actually pretty busy for the most part.


Catherine and Marceline enjoying themselves at the other end of the room. I forgot to take photos at the Mono market the next day and at MITS on Sunday! But they were great too, I assure you.

In other news, I’ve been laid up with the flu over the weekend and the start of this week too. I’m starting to recuperate though. Which means I am able to spend some more time with Jeff.

Who’s Jeff, I hear you ask? Well, you must wait until next time to find out. How intriguing!


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