I think it’s Tanya Donnelly, who was in Belly

Would you believe since my last post there have been even more charity shop finds?



I got both these teapots last week in local shops. The first I loved the shape of, and the colour too.

The second is a Govancroft teapot.  It’s nice to have found a piece of local history which has stood the test of time, as although this is almost definitely from the 70s or before, the shape and matt look of it makes it feel ultra modern.

You can find out more information about Govancroft here. The pictures are fantastic – you can almost smell the clay as the photos are very informal. They were taken in the late 70s – my teapot might be one of the ones in the kiln!

Both teapots are going to be for sale in the Miso Funky shop I think. I am saving them for the 2 markets I have coming up in April which will be vintage orientated, so will take them to those too.

Now, I must get out to the post office and try to resist the call of the charity shops on the way!


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