Stephen Fry’s the man. He does it all day long. I don’t know how he manages it, but he does.

Inspired by Laura’s post over on her blog Dropstitch (if you haven’t read it already, you really should now), I thought it was about time to do a little post about my charity shop finds of late, as there have been many.


First of all, there are these pair of mutts.  I got them both in the local British Red Cross shop. I bought the sausage dog first, came home and listed it for sale on the shop, twittered about it and it instantly sold. So, I went back next say for the hound dog and he is also installed in the shop, looking for a new home.


I found several great things on a jaunt recently with Jo, including this Tokidoki bag in my favourite chest and stroke charity shop. It’s only a few minutes walk from my house so I can pop in quite often.  I spotted this bag the instant I walked in the shop and snapped it up for £3.50. I sold it on Ebay for £20.02!


Futher along the road, whilst Jo was finding the bureau/unit of her dreams for a mere tenner, I bought this long-coveted fire screen. A mere fiver! It wasn’t til I got it home that it occurred to me that I could take out the tapestry and replace it with my own work at some point, thanks to Lee’s suggestion.


The biggest  in size of my purchases recently was probably also the biggest bargain. This retro display cabinet caught my eye despite being stuffed in a corner of the Emmaus shop along the road. It had a price tag of but £6 on it, but I got it for a fiver as I bought another small cupboard at the same time (which somehow I haven’t photographed yet).  It goes great in our hallway and gives me an excuse to collect more pretty things to fill it up!


Yesterday’s finds were unexpected as I wasn’t really intending to do any charity shopping, but popped in on impulse to the Salvation Army along the road to get out of the rain. I alighted upon this tray for a tiny, tiny price and grabbed it immediately, much to the girl standing behind me’s dismay! I would love to keep it but we have no use for a tray, so may sell it.


And then, just before I hit home, I stopped off at my local and got this bag for a few pounds. I am not sure if it is vintage or not, looks like it is but has been well preserved. I may hang on to it as it’s perfectly sized for my laptop. I always seem to buy handbags in my local, there must be a bag fairy who lives near me.

There are a few other items still to photographed would you believe! There’s always room for more things though and hopefully I can spend my birthday on Wednesday doing a little more bargain hunting – who wants to join me?


2 thoughts on “Stephen Fry’s the man. He does it all day long. I don’t know how he manages it, but he does.

  1. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us! How are the rest of us meant to stand a chance with you on the constant prowl? Thanks for the mention, by the way 🙂

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