It’s ok to put lemon juice on salmon

The Countdown Has Begun!, originally uploaded by mooosh.

Aww, the nice. Tonight, as I was leaving work, one of my colleagues handed me a bag with all this in it! It’s way more than I was expecting from them, I didn’t think they knew it was my birthday. How nice.

The card is signed inside by loads of my workmates, including some people I don’t think I’ve ever clapped eyes on. It’s such a strange place to work, sitting in a room where everyone is absorbed in watching their own screen, headphones on, and some are even in rooms all by themselves. So you can go weeks without seeing someone, if they are on a different shift pattern to you. I still see people I’ve never met before almost 6 months on.

But anyway, I was quite touched. I might even drink the bottle of kir royale stuff for breakfast tomorrow, JUST BECAUSE I CAN. That’s the kind of crazy thing you do when you’re 30, you know.

I am now OFF til Monday, hurrah! It’s been quite a tedious week, only brightened by the fact that Raven is back on telly. I subtitled it tonite, it is a delight to do. Tune in to CBBC at 4pm ot see my handiwork and marvel at the hammy acting.

Birthday celebrations are taking place on Saturday evening at the State Bar off Sauchiehall Street, so if I have missed you off the email, or you’ve not got it, then we’ll be there from 7pm. Mine’s a pear cider.


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